How Hand Sanitizer Can Become Your Potent Promotional Tool?

Marketing your business includes reacting to their needs and putting their mind at ease. It is the reason why, during this COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to concentrate on public health and wellness. Hand sanitizers can turn out to be a potent promotional tool that shows your social responsibility towards the community.

Hand sanitizers are helpful to repel infection in places where you cannot gain access to soap and water. Customers can conveniently and safely combat the different parasites and microbes while promoting your company. You can choose to have the company logo imprinted on the handy promotional item. It is a strategic and economical marketing approach.

When you visit Custom Earth Promos to purchase imprinted hand sanitizer in bulk look for a brand that offers more than 60% ethyl alcohol. According to CDC guidelines, less alcohol level cannot be effective in killing germs. Usually, hand sanitizer giveaways are available in spray and gel form. Both are effective, but spray dries faster than gel.

Brand recognition 

Imprint business logo and name on the packs or bottles to increase brand visibility. You get two sides, which means enough space to have brand message and emblem labels printed. Use catchy colors that catch the attention of people, who see them. To survive in the market, change as per customers need and today people prefer the visually good-looking product.

Hand sanitizer giveaway types

  • Clip-it Moisture bead – It features antibacterial gel and a carabiner clip that can hook to your pocket or bag for convenient on-the-go sanitization purposes. You can get your hands bacteria-free anywhere you travel.
  • Sanitizer wipes keychain – It is time for people to get back to work and face the coronavirus challenges. One efficient way to keep desktops, tabletops, and other surfaces clean is to use antibacterial wipes. You can keep some dozens within easy reach. A small container attached to a beaded chain hanged on the handle of a duffel bag or purse strap is a great way to exhibit your imprinted brand logo or slogan.
  • Sanitizer spray pen – Customers will carry these spray pens, which is a great opportunity for building impression.
  • Mini sanitizer bottle – In this pandemic, the world does not wish for excitement, but to get germ free. Mini gel sanitizers can offer people the confidence to move around without any concerns about getting infected. The expiry date of hand sanitizer is around 2 years, so you can buy them in bulk without any concerns and save significantly.
  • Dual-purpose sanitizer pen – Choose this 2-in-one item to distribute as giveaways at trade shows and conventions. You will encounter several people who will hesitate to come close to your booth. Promotional sanitizer pens will do the magic and they may come in your booth.
  • Hand sanitizer gel sachet – Hand hygiene is vital, but you cannot be near the washbasin to properly wash your hands for 30 seconds. Sanitizer gel is a great alternative and offers a great promotional opportunity.
  • Credit card shape hand spray – These pump spray bottles in the shape of a credit card are adored by customers. You can choose this promotional tool and allow it to take credit for the forthcoming promotional events.

Health and wellness promotional giveaways can help you connect with prospective customers, especially when they want those most.