Is Hyundai Ready to Take on the Pickup Truck Market?

Hyundai has been making a name for it self, creating top quality cars at really competitive prices. Hyundai has already been entering new industry portions, strengthening its midsize point and running out new technologies including cross systems and possibly soon a hydrogen powered model.

But one area where Hyundai stays curiously missing is in the lucrative collection truck market, dominated by the Honda F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Dodge Memory 1500. In recent years the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan have found a subsequent, getting gains to both of these Japanese car manufacturers as hyundai n250sl.Press | HYUNDAI Truck & Bus

Hyundai does have experience developing trucks, offering its Hyundai porter in Korea and other markets. The Hyundai Porter is really a industrial vehicle, therefore if Hyundai is to build and sell an individual pickup vehicle, they’ll have to start from scratch. Or, as rumors have circulated before, connect with Chrysler to build their very own model.

But Hyundai does not appear thinking about applying Dodge even thought Chrysler’s approach to provide the Ram 1500 system to Nissan dried out when Chrysler went bankrupt in 2009 and surfaced months later beneath the get a handle on of Fiat s.P.a. Likely, Hyundai doesn’t desire to rely on a software provider whose really living remains uncertain.

Therefore, what direction may Hyundai take to be able to enter the pickup truck mix? Might a tight vehicle end up being the preferred approach to take or must Hyundai undertake the Detroit 3 and Japanese 2 to build a big truck?

One way Hyundai might “go large” is always to get the existing Hyundai Porter and reconfigure it for pickup truck work. Hyundai presently has got the software; stretching out the wheels and upgrading the suspension system is one approach. Using the 4.6-liter TAU V-8 engine within the Hyundai Genesis and Equus could deliver the powertrain required; Hyundai currently has the signals available.

The least expensive strategy for Hyundai might not be the very best one, however. Hyundai will be planning against the very best of the Detroit 3 who’ve proven they are however tops in comparison with the Japanese 2.

The compact pickup vehicle industry remains competitive and ripe for the tackling since the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are the very best sellers in the segment. Toyota and GM are not giving a lot of challenging and the Mahindra trucks are, properly, delayed.

That leaves Hyundai and its Korean cousin, Kia, revisiting the collection vehicle market again. As lately as 2008, both brands had planned to build a big truck, but abandoned just like gasoline prices topped four dollars a gallon. Today, with gasoline rates teasing three pounds a gallon, enough time for a new from the bottom up small vehicle is here.

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