WaterHog Diamond Mat Contributes to a Sustainable Environment

May 25, 2023 Others

Waterhog mats are simple to maintain, requiring only regular vacuuming or sweeping to remain in perfect condition. Spot-cleaning with solvent based cleaner may also be possible; just be sure to rinse well afterwards!

The herringbone-patterned, bi-level surface wipes and scrapes shoes while trapping dirt and moisture below its border for non-tracking on floors, helping reduce maintenance costs and extend product lifespan. This innovative design contributes to lower maintenance costs and extended product lifespan.
Eco-Friendly Materials

The Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat features an innovative ridged surface designed to collect dirt and moisture from shoes before trapping it in its raised rubber water dam border, keeping water within the mat and off of floors to reduce slipperiness hazards and floor damage. Perfect for commercial, industrial and transition spaces.

This all-weather entrance floor mat is constructed with stain- and fade-resistant PET fiber from post-consumer recycled drink bottles, providing stain resistance, fade resistance, rapid drying time and resistance against mildew – perfect for electronic equipment! Furthermore, its backing contains 20% post-consumer recycled tire rubber to provide stability while remaining crush proof compared with cheaper vinyl mats.

SBR rubber backing comes with either a cleated surface finish for use on carpeted or smooth surfaces, or without it for hard floor areas. Furthermore, their anti-static mold backing makes these mats suitable for computer rooms or electronic equipment rooms.
Recycled Rubber Backing

This 24 oz anti-static mat features dual denier face construction for maximum performance, featuring solution-dyed 100% polypropylene fiber that dries quickly, won’t fade, and can easily be cleaned. Additionally, its unique ridged design scrapes away and holds dirt below shoe level to reduce slip hazards and floor damage, while rubber reinforced face nubs protect its pile against crushing under high traffic areas ensuring mat performance and prolong its life span.

Waterhog mats come with either a fabric border or commercial rubber border for custom length cuts, both providing attractive appearances to match carpeted floors well while simultaneously preventing water and grime collected on hard floors from spilling onto other parts of the floor. The fabric border offers an eye-catching contrast against carpeted floors while its commercial rubber counterpart reduces movement on hard floors, keeping captured liquid from spilling behind it onto nearby areas of flooring.

Both options can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, hosing off, hanging dry or extraction cleaning methods. Spots or non-permanent stains may be treated using safe non-organic solvent based spotters for best results.
Bi-Level Surface

When first introduced commercially in 1986, the Waterhog mat quickly became America’s favorite thanks to its distinctive bi-level surface. Constructed of stain-resistant fabric bonded to solid rubber backing with raised nubs for creating channels and featuring an edge ring with raised nubs to trap dirt and debris, this mat quickly became America’s favorite.

The unique ridged construction of these mats wipes and scrapes shoes while trapping debris away from feet, keeping floors cleaner and safer for employees and visitors. Their rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent crushing of their pile, maintaining high performance while prolonging product lifespan.

Waterhog Diamond Custom Color mats feature an eye-catching fabric border for an appealing appearance and are also available in Solid Red. Classic Diamond mats offer an attractive look, while Waterhog Diamond Custom Color mats allow you to incorporate your company logo and match existing decor seamlessly. WaterHog Diamond mat , eco-friendly walk off mats like these are designed for use in office buildings, retail areas and commercial entrances where carpet runners would normally be placed; they’re static dissipative, antimicrobial and meet NFPA fire safety certifications making them ideal walk off mats for office buildings, retail areas and commercial entrances where carpet runners would normally go – they pass NFPA fire safety certifications with flying colors!
Easy Maintenance

The WaterHog Eco Mat combines all of the beauty of traditional tufted mats with all of the advantages provided by rubber backings. Its premium, 24-ounce anti-static fiber system dries quickly, resisting staining or fading from sunlight; and traps dirt and moisture beneath shoe level; thus decreasing slip hazards and maintenance requirements on indoor floors.

The unique ridged construction of our mat effectively wipes and scrapes shoes and boots as it traps debris at heel level, while rubber-reinforced face nubs hold their shape to prevent pile crushing in high traffic areas, thus maintaining performance and prolonging product lifespan.

Filth and moisture build-up must be regularly vacuumed off, or hosed off and hung up to dry. Spot clean periodically using non-organic solvent cleaners as needed – rinse well to protect the rubber backing!

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